Membership fee

In 2021, the membership fee of the Industrial Union and the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers is 1.33% (1.35% in 2020) of the wages subject to withholding tax on which the membership is based. Of the membership fee, the unemployment fund accounts for 0.33% (0.35% in 2020) and the Industrial Union for 1%. The fund’s membership fee has been confirmed by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The Industrial Union’s website includes a membership fee calculator that you can use to estimate the amount of your membership fee.

Pay the membership fee within six months from the start of the period of employment for which the membership fee is due. If you have not paid the membership fee, it can be deducted from the payment of a benefit granted by the fund. If you are applying for a benefit from the unemployment fund, the membership fee must be in order up to the start of unemployment.

The membership fee is paid

  • for all earned income subject to withholding tax and other comparable earnings;
  • for sick and maternity leave pay paid by the employer;
  • for earnings from secondary work carried out alongside your main occupation;
  • for part-time work or short full-time employment relationships during unemployment; and
  • if you take your own leave (you are not an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office) or you become a full-time entrepreneur and want to retain the membership, pay the membership fee in accordance with the minimum wage payment of the Unemployment Security Act (EUR 1,252 per month in 2021, that is, EUR 16.65 per month).

Exemption from membership fees

You may be granted an exemption from the payment of membership fees if you are absent from the labour market for an acceptable reason. Such acceptable reasons include:

  • illness;
  • institutional care;
  • rehabilitation;
  • compulsory military service;
  • non-military service;
  • military reserve refresher courses;
  • full-time study;
  • birth of a child or caring for a child under 3 years of age; and
  • other comparable acceptable reason.

You do not need to pay a membership fee if you are claiming earnings-related allowance or job alternation compensation or if you are an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office. However, the membership fee must be paid for work done during unemployment or job alternation leave.

If the benefit is paid by another body, such as Kela, submit the benefit decision to the fund to obtain an exemption from the membership fee.

If you are an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office but you do not receive an unemployment benefit from the fund or Kela, submit the TE Office account on the validity of job search to the fund.