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Electronically sent application and attachments are immediately at our disposal in order to process your benefit case. You can log in to eService here with your online banking credentials. After logging in you can move to unemployment fund’s services by clicking the Apply for benefit bar. You can manage your membership issues and update contact information, if you choose Membership.

You can manage the following matters concerning benefits:

  • Apply for earnings-related allowance.
  • Send attachments with or without the application.
  • View payment notifications. You can see the upcoming payments the day before the payment date at the latest. You are also able to subscribe to text message notification of the payment from the settings of eService. By subscribing you will receive a notification of the payment date and of the amount paid to your bank account.
  • Check for which period you have applied for earnings-related allowance.
  • Under the Status tab you can monitor the number of days you have received earnings-related allowance and the increased component
  • Send us a message.

You can manage the following membership and membership fee issues:

  • Update the information you have given: your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Report your workplace.
  • Use membership fee calculator to calculate the amount of the fee and send a text message or an e-mail of the bill information to yourself.
  • Report an exemption period of the membership fee.
  • Browse membership fees and exemption periods.

For more information how to use the eService, we recommend using our Manual for eService. In case you need assistance when using the eService, you can also contact our phone service +358 20 690 455 Mon-Fri from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm.