We pay our members earnings-related allowance, job alternation compensation and mobility allowance. Here, you will find information about the benefits paid and applications received. In compilations of statistics, we have compiled the most significant numbers from last month. Latest monthly statistics include not only more comprehensive numbers from last month but also comparable numbers from previous months. These are only available in Finnish, but below you will find some important statistics in English as well.

Compilation of statistics, August 2021 (in Finnish)

Latest monthly statistics (in Finnish)

Below you will find more information about last month’s situation, application amounts, processing time of applications as well as numbers of received phone calls and e-messages received from eService.

Picture 1. Situation in August 2021

Picture 2. Amount of applications 2021

Picture 3. Amount of applications 2021 by types of applications

Picture 4. Processing time of first applications 2020-2021

Picture 5. Calls received monthly 2020-2021

Picture 6. Calls and e-messages received 2021 – from January to December