Do we release personal information?

Information is provided to public officials, other wage earners’ unemployment funds, unemployment funds for the entrepreneurs, the Unemployment Insurance Fund and insurance and pension institutions when it is required by law.

The information of the members are managed jointly by the Industrial Union and the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, when the person is a member of both the union and the unemployment fund. In addition, the unemployment fund provides information of membership fee exemption periods to the union, but no detailed accounts. The information you give to the union will simultaneously be transferred to the unemployment fund. Read more about the data protection policy of the union here (in Finnish). If your case applies to payment of benefits by the unemployment fund, please deliver the information to the unemployment fund only.

Your data is processed in a software system managed by Futunio Oy. We have made a data processing contract with Futunio in order to ensure safe and proper use of data.

In cases concerning claim for recovery, some data is processed with Intrum Justitia. Only the data that is necessary to claim for recovery will be provided. We have made a data processing contract with Intrum Justitia in order to ensure safe and proper use of data.

No information is given outside the EU.