About the unemployment fund

The Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers is the biggest unemployment fund in the industrial sector and one of the biggest unemployment funds in Finland. There are 134,782 members (in 31 December 2020) in the unemployment fund. In 2018, the unemployment fund adopted its new name in a merger between Metalworkers’ Unemployment Fund, Unemployment Fund of the Woodworkers, and TEAM Unemployment Fund.

We pay earnings-related allowance to our unemployed members. We also grant alternation compensation and mobility allowance.

Attending to the wishes and needs of our members as well as good customer service are among our top values. We offer diverse and modern electronic services and develop our services continuously.

The main office of the unemployment fund is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki. Our regional offices are spread throughout the country in 11 separate locations.


We have about 100 employees serving our members. Most of us work in Hakaniemi where we handle the management and administrative tasks in addition to...


    We pay our members earnings-related allowance, job alternation compensation and mobility allowance. Here, you will find information about the benefits paid and applications received. In...

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