If you need printable paper forms to apply for benefits, they are available as PDF files here. Attachments can be submitted via eService or by mail.

Earnings-related allowance

Earnings-related allowance application

Pay certificate for the unemployment fund

Account of employment and wages by calendar weeks (in Finnish)

Työttömyyskassojen etuusopas 2019

Arbetslöshetskassornas förmånsbroschyr 2019

Guide to unemployment fund benefits 2019

Tootukassade hüvitiste teatmik 2019

TYJ Кассы взаимопомощи, справочник по пособиям на случай безработицы 2019

Job alternation compensation

Job alternation compensation application (in Finnish)

Job alternation agreement (in Finnish)

Mobility allowance

Mobility allowance application (in Finnish)

Other material

Instructions for temporary lay-off