Notification of changes

Please notify us without delay of changes in your circumstances that affect your entitlement to daily allowance and the payment of allowance. Also keep your information up-to-date for the processing of your application. Changes can be reported via eService or by mail. Some details can also be reported by phone to the service number.

Changes in membership information

Bank account number

A changed bank account number must always be reported in writing. You can enter the new account number in your application or submit it in writing by mail. Changes in bank account numbers cannot be reported by phone.

Child information

Report to us the birth dates of all children under 18 years of age in your care for who you are applying for child increases. Child increases are paid out retroactively for a period of up to three months.

You are entitled to child increase for a child (of your partner or spouse) under 18 years of age living in the same household from the moving date. Separation must be reported without delay. For your own child in your care, you are entitled to child increase until the child reaches the age of 18.

Contact details

You can report a change of address or phone number to the fund via eService, by entering the information under additional information on the follow-up application or by phone by calling the service number.

Changes that affect the amount of daily allowance

Child home care allowance

Submit the decision on child home care allowance when you start claiming child home care allowance. If your partner claims child home care allowance, enter more detailed information on the possible employment and studies of your partner as well as who takes care of the child on the application.

Also report any changes to child home care allowance or the termination of the allowance.

Income from part-time entrepreneurial activities and income from agriculture

In order to review income from part-time entrepreneurial activities and income from agriculture, we need the latest confirmed personal tax decision. The specification of the tax decision is also required if you are a shareholder in limited company or cooperative or a partner in a partnership or limited partnership.

If you are a beneficiary in an estate, submit also the latest confirmed tax decision of the estate in addition to the personal tax decision.

Partial disability pension

Inform us about being granted a partial disability pension by submitting the decision either via eService or by mail.

Partial early old-age pension (from 1 February 2017) does not affect the payment of earnings-related allowance.

A new decision on the amount of pension (due to index review) must be submitted to the fund every year.

End of unemployment

Report the termination of applying for daily allowance on your application.

The TE Office must be notified of the acceptance of a full-time job lasting more than two weeks. Indicate the start of employment also in your last daily allowance application.

The start of an old-age pension or another benefit that prevents the claiming of daily allowance must be reported to the fund at the latest in connection with the last daily allowance application.

If you wish, you can retire on an old-age pension already at the age of 62 if you have claimed additional allowance days. You will need a certificate of additional days paid from the fund for the pension company. Ask for the certificate when you apply for daily allowance for the month preceding retirement. It is not possible to issue the certificate at an earlier date because the pension company needs the information concerning the additional days of the month preceding retirement.

Sickness allowance is applied for from Kela for a period of illness lasting more than ten days. Report your illness in the application and enclose the decision on sickness allowance.

The waiting period of sickness allowance is the day on which you fall ill and the following nine days (including Saturdays). In the event of an accident or if the same illness occurs within 30 days, the waiting period is one day. We can pay out the earnings-related allowance for the waiting period of sickness allowance if you have claimed unemployment benefits immediately before your illness.

Changes in employment relationship

End of employment

If your employment relationship is terminated or it changes to, for example, part-time in nature, this must be reported in the application.

If your temporary lay-off ends in dismissal, attach a copy of the notice of termination and employment certificate as well as a pay certificate until the end of employment to your application. Also notify the TE Office of the termination of employment.

Starting part-time work

If your full-time employment becomes part-time at the employer’s initiative, submit a copy of the employment contract and a pay certificate until the end of full-time employment.