How do I apply for daily allowance?


Register with the TE Office no later than on the first day of unemployment or temporary lay-off

However, you can also register with the TE Office in advance. You can launch the job search in the E-Services of TE Services with your own online banking credentials. The job search must be kept valid in the manner agreed upon with the TE Office.

Fill in the earnings-related allowance application for the unemployment fund for the first two or four weeks of unemployment or for a calendar month.

Apply for earnings-related allowance retroactively in periods of four calendar weeks or one calendar month. You can fill in the first application already for a period of two full calendar weeks. If your unemployment period starts in the middle of the week, fill in the rest of the week and two full calendar weeks. If you have part-time employment with a monthly salary during the application period, apply for the daily allowance for a calendar month.

Fill in the application in eService. It is there that you can also submit the necessary attachments. It is also possible to fill in the daily allowance application in paper form. The application form and any other forms you may need are available here. Fill in the application carefully and enclose the necessary documents. Remember to report any work, entrepreneurial activities or studies undertaken during the application period. Illness or other social benefits, for example, must also be reported on the application. The person handling the daily allowance application will contact you if additional information is required for your application.

Submit the daily allowance application to the unemployment fund after the end of the application period. Daily allowance must be applied for within three months of the date from which you wish to claim it. You can submit the application even if all the attachments are not yet available. The three-month application period also applies to follow-up applications for daily allowance and applying for child increases and expense allowance. If you submit the application by mail, the address is Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, PO Box 116, FI-00531 Helsinki.

Your membership fees must be up-to-date before we can pay out the daily allowance. If you have unpaid membership fees for a period of more than six months, we cannot pay out daily allowance. We can collect the outstanding membership fee from the first earnings-related allowance paid.

Remember to notify the fund of changes in the information you have reported and changed personal and contact details.

Decision and payment of daily allowance

You will receive a written decision once your first application has been processed. The decision usually indicates the start of entitlement to daily allowance, the amount of daily allowance and the waiting period. You will also receive a payment notice detailing the amount and date of payment. You can choose the delivery method of the payment notice in eService; you can receive the notice, for example, by text message.

You can check the processing status of earnings-related allowance applications and the payment schedule here.

If a follow-up application is a direct continuation of a previous application, the application only includes unemployed time and it is for four calendar weeks, the follow-up application is paid out every four calendar weeks. The payment schedule is staggered in accordance with the receipt of the application.

 Follow-up application receipt day  Payment day
 Monday or Tuesday  Friday of the same week
 Wednesday  At the earliest on Friday of the same week
 Thursday  At the earliest on Monday of the following week
 Friday  At the earliest on Tuesday of the following week