Are you about to become unemployed or laid off?


1. Register with the Employment and Economic Development Office no later than the first day of unemployment/lay-off

You can also register with the TE Office in advance, and the job search is valid from the date of registration. You can launch the job search in the E-Services of TE Services with your own online banking credentials. The job search must be kept valid in the manner agreed upon with the TE Office.

2. Fill in the earnings-related allowance application for the unemployment fund for the first two or four weeks of unemployment in the eService

The application must be filled in carefully and ended to a Sunday. More detailed instructions for filling in the application are available here.

3. Make sure that you have all the necessary attachments to the daily allowance application

At the end of an employment relationship, submit a pay certificate, notice of termination and employment certificate to the fund as attachments. At the start of a temporary lay-off, submit a pay certificate and notice of lay-off. If you claim a social benefit, also submit a decision on it to the fund. More detailed information on the attachments required for the daily allowance application is available here.

4. Submit the earnings-related allowance application with attachments after the end of the application period

You can submit the application with attachments either via eService or by mail to Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, P.O. Box 116, FI-00531 Helsinki.

5. Provide any additional clarifications and missing attachments requested

Remember to notify us of any changes affecting your entitlement to daily allowance and changes to your personal and contact details. More information on notification of changes is available here.