Activity model

The activity requirement during unemployment and a temporary lay-off will apply to almost all jobseekers from the beginning of 2018. Activity is also required from, for example, those entitled to additional allowance days and those laid off for at least 65 days. If you are not sufficiently active during unemployment, the level of your daily allowance will decrease by 4.65% for 65 payment days.

Fulfilling the activity requirement

Unemployment funds and Kela monitor the fulfilling of activity requirement. Activity is monitored in periods of 65 payment days according to the information you have given. The monitoring begins when the payment of daily allowance commences after 1 January 2018. The days for which daily allowance is paid are counted towards the period of 65 payment days. The review period of 65 payment days does not change even if you receive adjusted or reduced daily allowance.

What is considered as activity?

Sufficient activity is either

  • employment of 18 hours during the review period of 65 days;
  • participation in employment promotion measures, activities that support employability or recruitment training or trial at a workplace for five days, all arranged by the TE Office;
  • short-term or part-time studies for at least five days;
  • participation in action that promotes employment, which has been arranged by, i.e., registered association receiving public funding or a trade union; or,
  • earning 23% of the income required to fulfil the entrepreneur’s employment condition, i.e. EUR 245,64 in 2019, from entrepreneurial activities during the period.

The different means of demonstrating your activity cannot be combined; you must fulfil the activity requirement by one form of activity during the review period.

Unemployment fund follows activity based on the reports in the application. Remember to report activities that accrue activity on your application. In addition, report other benefits that are taking into account in activity requirement.

The monitoring of your activity can be viewed from our eService -> Status -> Monitoring of activity. The start date of monitoring, calculator for 65 payment days, whether you have fulfilled the activity requirement during the review period and if you are not required to fulfil the activity can be checked from the eService as well.

However, activity is not required if

  • you receive a benefit on the basis of disability;
  • you work as an informal or family carer;
  • your application for a disability pension is pending. If the pension application is rejected, the monitoring of activity starts from the beginning of the month following the date of issue of the decision;
  • your temporary lay-off is implemented as a temporary lay-off with an alternate week schedule or as a shortened working week; or
  • the uninterrupted duration of your temporary lay-off is less than 65 payment days.

Activity model and temporary lay-off

During temporary lay-off the activity requirement is monitored, if the lay-off lasts continuously for at least 65 days or the lay-off is carried out as shortened working days.

The activity is not monitored during shortened working week, biweekly lay-off or lay-off lasting less than 65 days.

If the lay-off lasts for 65 days or longer, the monitoring of activity will start from the 65. day of continuous lay-off. The continuity of lay-off is suspended if, for instance, you work for your own employer or you are on salaried holiday.

Resetting of the review period

The review period of 65 payment days is reset and daily allowance paid in full when

  • you have been employed full-time for more than two weeks;
  • you have been employed as a full-time entrepreneur or self-employed person for more than two weeks;
  • your daily allowance has been rejected because your working hours exceed 80% of full-time working hours;
  • your daily allowance has been rejected based on income;
  • you have been set a suspension period during which you are not entitled to unemployment benefits or an employment obligation; or
  • you have fulfilled the employment condition again.

Reduction in the level of daily allowance

If you have not been sufficiently active during the review period, the level of your daily allowance will decrease by 4.65% for the next 65 payment days. The amount of unemployment benefit will return to the normal level after the reduction in benefit if you have fulfilled the activity requirement during the previous 65 payment days.