About benefits

We pay out an earnings-related allowance to members who have been in paid employment and have become unemployed.

We pay job alternation compensation to members for the period of job alternation leave. Job alternation leave is an arrangement whereby a full-time employee agrees upon taking job alternation leave with their employer.

We pay out a mobility allowance when our member, who has been unemployed, accepts a job lasting at least two months with a long commute.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the unemployment fund, you can appeal the decision with the Social Security Appeal Board. Submit your...

    Claim for recovery

    Earnings-related allowance or any other benefit paid out by the fund must be reclaimed if the payment was unfounded or excessive. If you have been...


      If you need printable paper forms to apply for benefits, they are available as PDF files here. Attachments can be submitted via eService or by...