Summer update – salaried vacation, midweek holidays and other current things to remember

As the summer has come even to Finland, it is also the time of summer holidays. When applying for the earnings-related allowance, salaried vacations and midweek holidays, such as the Midsummer Eve on 25 of June, must be reported in the application.

For instructions on how to fill in the first application for earnings-related allowance, you can find them here depending on whether you are temporarily laid-off, fully unemployed or working part-time.

If you are fully unemployed, the daily allowance will be paid normally even during the midweek holidays. However, if you are temporarily laid-off or working part-time, you must remember to report the salaried vacation periods and midweek holidays in your application.

How to fill in application for salaried vacation

If you are temporarily laid-off and the lay-off continues, please remember to fill in and send follow-up applications for earnings-related allowance. Processing of your application will speed up if the application is filled in correctly.

If you have been on annual holiday during your temporary lay-off and the employer has paid you holiday pay, report these days as “annual holiday” in the application. Remember to report hours as well: for instance, if you usually work for 8 hours a day, mark “annual holiday” and 8 hours.

Salaried vacations must be also filled in to the application, if you are working part-time, respectively. The daily allowance will be paid as adjusted allowance, if the salary from vacation is based on part-time work.

How to fill in application for midweek holidays

Jos saat arkipyhän ajalta työnantajan maksamaa arkipyhäkorvausta tai arkipyhän ajalta ei ole tehty vähennystä palkkaan, näiden päivien kohdalle tulee merkitä hakemukseen ”palkallinen arkipyhä”.

Holiday bonus from full-time work does not effect allowance

Holiday bonus that is based on full-time work and salary does not have an effect on the daily allowance. However, if you work part-time and apply for the allowance, the holiday bonus will be taken into account when paying the adjusted daily allowance.

Remember to be registered as a jobseeker with the TE Office

Earnings-related allowance can only be paid for those that have registered themselves as unemployed jobseekers with the TE Office.

Hence, remember to keep your registration with the TE Office in effect for the whole duration of your temporary lay-off or part-time work. The same applies too, if you are fully unemployed.

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