Membership fee must also be paid from part-time work

Membership fees of the Industrial Union and the unemployment fund must be paid from all taxable salary. This includes salary from work that is not your full-time work. The amount of membership fee in 2021 is 1,33 per cent of your gross salary. Any missing payments will slow down the payment of earnings-related allowance and, further, can even prevent payment of allowance. 

The membership fee must be paid from all the earned income subject to tax withholding or similar income.

Hence, membership fees need to paid, if you, for instance, work part-time in addition to your full-time work, work part-time or casually. The membership fee is also paid for receiving holiday pay, sick leave pay and fraternity pay. This income will be added to the calculation of earnings-related allowance, if you become temporarily laid-off or unemployed.

The amount of membership in 2021 is 1,33 per cent of earned income subject to withholding of taxes. Maintaining your membership requires that the membership fees have been paid from the whole duration of your membership.

If you have become temporarily laid-off or unemployed, please remember to make sure that your membership is in order until the beginning of lay-off or unemployment. If membership fees are missing, it will slow down the payment of earnings-related allowance. If the membership fees are not paid in full amount, allowance cannot be paid at all.

Membership fees do not need to be paid from the earnings-related allowance received during lay-off or unemployment, as long as you are registered as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office. However, if you work part-time and receive salary from this work during the lay-off or unemployment period, membership fees need to be paid from this work.

For more information about the membership fees, visit Industrial Union’s website and unemployment fund’s membership fee page.

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