Instructions for the temporarily laid-off

If you are about to become temporarily laid-off, remember to register yourself as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office on the first day of your lay-off at the latest.

Fill in the application for earnings-related allowance after the applicable period has ended. Send as attachments at least the notice of temporary lay-off and a salary certificate. 


Register with the TE Office

Register as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office on the first day of your lay-off at the latest. You can also make the registration already when you have received the notice of temporary lay-off. Earnings-related allowance can only be granted, if your job seeking is in effect.

Job seeking must be in effect for the whole duration of you lay-off. Remember to act according to the instructions that the TE Office has advised. If the lay-off is executed in multiple periods, it is required to register for job seeking for each lay-off period either separately or in advance.

Fill in application to the unemployment fund

You can send the first application for the earnings-related allowance, when two weeks has passed since the beginning of your lay-off. Applications must be filled in calendar weekly, that is, from Monday to Sunday. If the lay-off starts in the middle of the week, fill in the application for at least two full calendar weeks.

Follow-up applications should be sent in periods of four calendar weeks or every calendar month. Applications must be sent to the unemployment fund always after the application period has already ended. They cannot be sent in advance.

You can fill in an application via our eService. Log in to eService with your online banking credentials.

Remember to send necessary attachments

The necessary attachments to the application are at least a notice of temporary lay-off and a salary certificate.

If you work as part-time entrepreneur, send your personal tax decision from 2018. Remember to report the entrepreneurship to the TE Office.

In addition, it is necessary to send certificates of possible pensions, other social benefits and work done to another employer to the unemployment fund. If Kela has granted the other social benefit, it will suffice to just report in the application that you are receiving a benefit from Kela.

If you have been laid off for a shortened working week or you work for another employer than your own, send a pay slip to the unemployment fund.

Attachments need not to be originals. For instance, a picture taken with a smart phone will suffice, as long as it is readable. Also other attachments can be sent via eService.

Membership fees must be up-to-date

If your employer does not collect the membership fees directly from your salary, remember to pay the fees in such a way that there will be no breaks until the beginning of temporary lay-off. Membership fees do not need to be paid for the lay-off periods, unless you receive other earned income from, for instance, another job.

As a member of the Industrial Union and the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, you can check your membership fees by logging in to Union’s eService.

If membership fees are missing, it may slow down the processing of your allowance application.

Tax collected from earnings-related allowance

Tax percentage rate will automatically be at least 25 per cent, if you are using a tax card that is meant for salary. You can, however, order a revised tax card for benefits and lower the tax percentage. For ordering a revised tax card for benefits, please visit Tax Administration’s website and go to MyTax service. It is possible to send the revised tax card directly to the unemployment fund when using the MyTax service.

Please note that currently there is backlog in the unemployment fund’s customer service due to corona situation. We are focusing our resources to speed up the processing of benefits in order to pay the earnings-related allowances as quickly as possible. We kindly request to contact our customer service only in urgent matters. 

Download a brief summary of instructions that can also be printed. The document is in PDF format.

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