Are you out of work due to coronavirus?

Coronavirus epidemic affects working in many ways. Consumption may decrease, travelling is limited and material and component shortage may limit working possibilities when production and logistics have been shut down temporarily. If working is prevented, the employer is obliged to pay salary for 14 days.

Employer can lay off employees temporarily on the grounds of cooperation negotiations and a member of an unemployment fund can receive earnings-related allowance during temporary lay-off. TE Office will give a statement regarding the temporary lay-off to the unemployment fund.

If the employer does not carry out temporary lay-offs, but working has been prevented even after 14 days, the TE Office will give a statement to the unemployment fund, whether it can be regarded as a reason comparable to temporary lay-off.

How can I apply for the unemployment benefit when working has been prevented?

  1. Your employer will give you a notice or certificate of temporary lay-off that working has been prevented.
  2. Register yourself to the TE Office as an unemployed job seeker. Notify the TE Office that working has been prevented or that you have been temporarily laid off. Find instructions on how to register from the TE Office’s website.
  3. Apply for earnings-related allowance from the unemployment fund. Allowance is applied for in arrears, that is, after the application period has ended. The first application can be sent after two calendar weeks (from Monday to Sunday) of unemployment or temporary lay-off.
  4. Attach pay information and notice of temporary lay-off to your application. You can send the application and attachments online via our eService.

Have you been quarantined due to coronavirus?

Kela can pay a sickness allowance on account of an infectious diseases to employees who have been ordered to stay away from work in order to prevent the spread of a communicable disease such as the novel corona virus. The sickness allowance is also available to the provider of a child under the age of 16 who is placed in quarantine, making it impossible for the provider to continue working while the quarantine is in effect.

No self-liability period is set when applying for the sickness allowance on account of an infectious diseases, and it will compensate loss of earnings in full amount due to absence from work, isolation or quarantine.

The sickness allowance on account of an infectious diseases does not prevent the payment of earnings-related daily allowance, but will be reduced from it. If you are working part-time, you are able to receive adjusted daily allowance even if you would receive sickness allowance. You can receive the sickness allowance on that part that the loss of earnings has been resulted from absence from part-time work. Earnings-related allowance can be paid but the sickness allowance will be reduced from it. Remember to report the received social benefits in your application.

For more information on the effects of coronavirus epidemic to employment, follow the Industrial Union’s website.

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